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Pakistan (NWFP) Emergency Appeal

Pakistan (NWFP) Emergency Appeal
Pakistan (NWFP) Emergency Appeal
Pakistan (NWFP) Emergency Appeal

Conflict in North West Pakistan has forced over two million people to flee their homes.

Emergency tent camps have been established by the district government in Mardan, Swabi and Charssadda to host those who have fled Swat. Others are staying with families in the local community in adjoining districts.

Overcrowded camps

The camps are becoming increasingly overcrowded and there are shortages of tents, as well as food, water and healthcare facilities. Health and hygiene conditions in the camps are poor and diseases such as diarrhoea, malaria and scabies are on the rise. This situation is likely to deteriorate further as more people arrive in the camps and as the monsoon season approaches.

Local community struggling

The local community is also struggling to cope with the influx of new people. The displaced people have no source of income and families who are sheltering them urgently need assistance to be able to deal with the challenge of providing for so many people.

Children traumatised

Around 80 per cent of those living in the camps are children. Some are on their own after being separated from their families as people fled the fighting. Many women have also travelled on their own as their husbands remained behind with their land and property.

According to government statistics around 70 per cent of children are showing signs of trauma brought on as a result of the conflict. They require urgent psychosocial support and counselling.

Islamic Relief on the ground

IRW is currently working on the ground in Mardan where around one million displaced people have been registered.

We are working to provide displaced people and the host community with essential items and services including clean water, food, healthcare, hygiene kits, kitchens sets and psychosocial support.

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