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Haiti - Two years on

Haiti - Two years on
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Desperate for water
20 January 2010

Residents of a makeshift camp in Port-au-Prince queue to collect water from the Islamic Relief water tankers.

Water is the most pressing need of those who survived the earthquake in Haiti. Islamic Relief is helping to meet this need by trucking clean water into Port-au-Prince.

When the Islamic Relief team visited one of the makeshift camps in Port-au-Prince to assess their needs, they were approached by Joanne, a lady holding a newborn baby in her arms. When the earthquake happened, the baby boy was just one day old. He managed to survive but his mother died from injuries. Before passing away, the mother asked Joanne to take care of her baby. Joanne was now desperate to find clean water to prepare formula milk for the baby.

Joanne is one of the 200 camp residents who now have access to clean water through Islamic Relief’s water trucking project. For many of the camp residents, the Islamic Relief water supply allowed them to access clean water for the first time in a week.

The water system in Port-au-Prince was damaged by the earthquake and people were faced with no choice but to drink dirty, contaminated water. This has posed a serious health risk to the population, especially babies and young children.

Islamic Relief has supplied two large water tankers and is also planning to install around 40 water tanks in the city. Over the coming days, water tankers will go around twice a day to fill each tank.

Watch a video of Islamic Relief’s water project in Haiti here.

A single water tanker costs $100 (£65), and provides water to over 100 people.

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