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Haiti - Two years on

Haiti - Two years on
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Case Study: Getting an Education in Haiti
10 January 2012

"I want to become an Engineer but it is difficult"

Walson Noel, 21, has been attending Lycee Dumay School for 5 years and still has 2 years to go. He should have started school when he was 12 years, but due to a lack of money, his parents delayed his secondary enrollment until he was 16 years of age.

Sadly, this is all too common in Haiti. The cost of education and other associated costs mean parents often have to prioritise their spending. His father works as a labourer assisting farmers. The pay and conditions are poor and work is not regular. His mother sells food stuff on the road side. A typical school uniform costs 1,000 goudes ($2.5 dollars).

“I want to become an Engineer but it is difficult,” says Walson. He is trying to be realistic about his job prospects. He knows that the chances of him becoming an engineer are not good due to the economic conditions in Haiti, so he supplements his education by attending a training course to learn how to tile.

Usually he helps his father on a Sunday, but this year he is focusing on preparing for next year’s exams. He knows that if he does well, his dream of becoming an engineer might become a reality.

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