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Syria Crisis
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Syrians go into hiding
03 May 2012

Islamic Relief aid on its way to Syrians refugees

Ibrahim Abu Abdullah* from Dera, Syria used to work as a nautical engineer, boarding ships regularly to travel from Syria to the USA and Georgia. However he was also politically active, so when the uprising in Syria was met with increasing violence, Ibrahim went into hiding. He explains, “Syria is a precious country and her liberty is priceless; we are now paying for this. All we want is our freedom, pride and dignity to be restored.” Ibrahim remained in hiding for seven months, until he heard of threats against his family.

He decided it was time to take his pregnant wife and his two children, Asma (3) and Hassan (5) and flee the country. The family spent three days wandering in the region closest to the border, before they crossed illegally into Jordan, where their passports and identification were confiscated. The family’s home, car and all their possessions have since been destroyed. Ibrahim now works at a supermarket, earning about £5 per day, but this is not enough to make ends meet. It costs Ibrahim 30 times what he earns in a day to rent and maintain his house, so he has been struggling to support his family ever since they crossed into Jordan.

Unable to afford heating, the family all sleeps in one room. In order to save on repair bills, Ibrahim has devised a contraption to collect the water that leaks into their house. Ibrahim explained, “I’d rather be called poor than be called a coward.” Working with the local agency, Kitab wa Sunnah, Islamic Relief has been helping Syrians in Jordan by offering them financial support so they can afford to rent shelter. Ibrahim is now able to save what he earns in order to buy food and clothes for his family. “Syrians have traditionally helped others and now it is the time for people to help us. They should offer us help without us having to ask for it.”

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