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Muktar, Kenya


“I live in this orphanage but my mother lives in a refugee camp in Dadaab.”

Muktar Ibrahim Hassan, 12, lives in a centre for orphaned children in Barwaq village, Mandera.

“I live in this orphanage but my mother and her younger children live in Hargardera refugee camp in Dadaab,” he told us when we visited the centre last year. “They depend on what is distributed by UNHCR. My mother does not work so we face difficulty in earning money.”

As a result of prolonged drought and subsequent floods, people in Muktar’s area suffer from food shortages.

“We struggle with the situation, but we cope,” he said. “Our hopes are to live a better life and we plan to work hard to improve our situation, God willing.

“All my other siblings are in school, which is managed by the government although it is situated in the refugee camp. In school the children study languages, sciences, mathematics, religious studies, social studies and Arabic, among other subjects.”
Muktar’s usual diet is rice, maize and beans, as well as ugali, a dish of cornmeal and water. But, for four years, the centre where Muktar lives has received Qurbani meat through Islamic Relief.

“I am very thankful for the support of donors, May God help them in the way they helped us.”

Last year, Islamic Relief distributed 1,100 Qurbani to poor Kenyans. With your support, we can reach more vulnerable children and their families this year:


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