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Islamic Relief Pakistan (IRP) started working in Pakistan in 1992 and registered a field office in 1994. As well as multi-sector development projects, IR has also carried out extensive and small-scale emergency responses to earthquakes and other natural disasters in Pakistan, particularly the devastating floods in 2010 and 2011.  

Following the 2010 flooding in Pakistan, entire communities were affected.  One of Islamic Relief programmes was the "Baluchistan Integrated Village Rehabilitation Project".  This is a DEC funded project that used an integrated approach, with activities in the water, sanitation and hygiene, housing reconstruction and livelihoods restoration sectors.
Please download the final evaluation report Baluchistan Integrated Village Rehabilitation Project

Past Emergencies and Appeals
YearEmergencyLocations IncludeMore details
2005Asia EarthquakeKashmir More
2007Pakistan Flood EmergencyPakistan More
2008Pakistan Earthquake 2008Balochistan More
2009Pakistan (NWFP) Emergency AppealNorth West Frontier Province More
2010Pakistan Flood Emergency AppealPakistan More

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