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Kenyan MP thanks Islamic Relief

1Hon. Billow Kerrow (left) in Islamic Relief's headquarters2
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"There is a huge demand for development in Mandera" - Hon. Billow Kerrow M.P.
Hon. Billow Kerrow, M.P. Mandera, Kenya, visited Islamic Relief on 14th December 2006.

Mr. Kerrow thanked Islamic Relief for its aid effort throughout a drought that caused food shortages for up to 15 million people in northern Kenya in April this year.

Pastoralist communities in the remote northern district of Mandera were some of the worst-affected people in the region.

Huge Demand

Around 70% of livestock died in the drought in an area where almost everyone depends directly on livestock.

Mr. Kerrow said "There is a huge demand for development in Mandera and Islamic Relief is the only international Muslim aid agency working on the long term development of this region."

Mr. Kerrow pointed out that over 76% of the population of his constituency live below the poverty line, but because of its remoteness, most international aid agencies are reluctant to work there on long term projects.

IR in Mandera

During the drought IR aid workers distributed around 30 tonnes of nutritional food and established seven supplementary feeding centres. Over 5,000 children, elderly people and expectant mothers were helped at the centres.

IR aid workers provided 14,000 litres of water every other day in 2 locations to approximately 4,000 people and have rehabilitated 6 boreholes to provide clean and safe drinking water for 10,000 people.

IR staff organised community health education to tackle the spread of disease and set up health screening programmes to prevent malnutrition.

IR also provided food rations to 5,000 families. Each ration consisted of cornmeal, beans, salt, sugar & cooking oil.