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Transforming Kajhu Indah
(29 March 2007)
Kajhu Indah
Kajhu Indah in Baitussalam was one of many villages in Aceh damaged beyond recognition by the tsunami in 2004.

More than 1,000 of its residents were killed and nearly 400 were left homeless. The entire village was submerged under water with not a single house left standing. Kajhu Indah became an uninhabitable swamp.

Community Involvement

Kahju Indah

In less than 2 years Kajhu Indah has been transformed. Islamic Relief has built 152 permanent homes, constructed a water supply system, built a basketball court and set up businesses for women.

Clean Water

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Islamic Relief has built a water supply system for Kajhu Indah and its neighbouring villages.

The tsunami contaminated water sources all over Aceh with seawater and debris. IR has rehabilitated 3 wells and built a 72,000 litre water reservoir tank in the village.

As part of the new system, each of the 152 houses has direct access to clean water and a drainage outlet for waste.

Returning Home

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All of the 152 houses are ready for people to move in. Many families have been living in barracks or rented accommodation, slowly growing accustomed to living from day to day in temporary housing.

Families are now returning to Kajhu Indah, ready to pick up their lives in their new homes.

Transforming Kajhu Indah was a coordinated effort. The government reconstruction agency has also built 50 homes in Kajhu Indah and is constructing a road network through the village.

More than houses

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Rebuilding communities is not just about bricks and mortar. In recognition of a social need, Islamic Relief built a basketball court in the village.

With a court in their backyard, the young people of Kajhu Indah no longer have to travel into the city to enjoy their favourite sport.

Islamic Relief has also set up cooperative businesses in the village so that women can earn a sustainable living.

Memorial plaque

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On 22 February 2007 Islamic Relief officially handed over the 152 houses and the water system to the community of Kajhu Indah and the local authorities.

As part of the ceremony, Haroun Atallah, CEO of Islamic Relief (pictured left), unveiled a memorial plaque in the village in remembrance of those killed in the tsunami. Government representatives were also present at the unveiling.

Standing in the village, the plaque is a constant reminder of the devastation that the 2004 tsunami caused in Kajhu Indah and many other villages across Aceh.

Handover Ceremony

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Local children offered guests traditional sweets and gave a vibrant performance of the traditional Rapa’i dance.

The ceremony represented a welcome return to normality for hundreds of villagers who have been living in temporary accommodation for 2 years.

Islamic Relief is also building an additional 149 houses in the neighbouring village of Monsinget, which will be completed within the next 2 months.

Islamic Relief in Indonesia

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Over the last two years Islamic Relief has constructed 556 permanent houses for around 3,000 people. Another 290 houses are in the final stages of construction and will be completed by the end of March 2007.

IR has been working in Indonesia since 2003 and was therefore able to respond to the tsunami within a day. Since the emergency phase ended, IR has focused on long-term development in Aceh.

As well as houses, IR has built 14 health clinics and 6 schools in Aceh. Over 14,000 people have been helped back into work and more than 500 orphans have been sponsored. Hundreds more are still waiting for sponsors.

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