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Darfur: an ongoing crisis
(16 July 2007)
millions have been displaced as a result of the crisis
Sudan's western state of Darfur has been torn apart by a conflict which began in March 2003. Over four years later the violence shows no sign of ending, despite peace attempts made by the warring parties.

Many thousands of innocent civilians have been killed and millions displaced by the war. Four million people are in need of support, yet many aid agencies have found it impossible to work in the region.

IR began working in West Darfur shortly after the conflict began, and continues to help the displaced.

The conflict

It remains unclear exactly how many people have died in the past four years, but the UN estimates that some 2.2 million have been driven from their homes. Many of them live in squalid conditions in overcrowded camps.

In May 2006, a peace deal between the Sudanese government and the rebels did not stop the conflict. Only one rebel faction upheld the agreement, so fighting continued, with repeated atrocities committed against women and children.

The ongoing violence has also pushed people across the border into refugee camps in eastern Chad.

Kerinding II

IR is working with around 65,000 people in and around the town of El Geneina in the north of West Darfur. IR's emergency team began work in April 2004, providing displaced people with food and shelter.

The IR team is managing Kerinding II camp for displaced families, which is home to over 10,000 people. Another 5,000 people are currently being relocated to the camp from an overcrowded settlement in El Geneina where they have no access to aid.

Families in Kerinding II receive food, plastic sheeting, soap, jerry cans and materials to build traditional homes.

Water and Sanitation

IR staff have also been drilling water wells in the region. A total of 132 wells have been bored so far: 11 in the camp, and the rest in neighbouring areas.

Hand pumps have been installed, and IR staff have trained local people as hand pump mechanics.

IR has constructed 562 latrines and 800 communal showers in Kerinding II and surrounding villages.


IR staff built and run a clinic in Kerinding II that services the camp as well as the local population.

IR is training women as midwives, and pregnant women also benefit from antenatal programmes run in the camp.


Residents of Kerinding II send their children to IR's Masakhane School where over 1,500 children are enrolled, and to Narheel School which has more than 300 children.

Masakhane School has 26 classrooms and 29 teachers, with many drawn from the local community. The students receive meals provided by the UN World Food Programme.

IR also runs three adult education classes in Kerinding II.

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