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Farhan’s Return to Happiness
(10 March 2006)
Farhan is the youngest of eight children and lives in the Mandera district of north-eastern Kenya. His name means “happiness” in the Somali language. However, when he was just 3 years old his elderly father died at the age of 70.
Farhan’s mother, Baba, had no means of earning a living as she can neither read nor write. The family were soon living in extreme poverty, barely able to afford one decent meal a day. There was no money for school or clothes, and Farhan, his four brothers and three sisters faced many problems.

In February 2001, Farhan joined the One-to-One Orphan Sponsorship Programme and Islamic Relief found Farhan a sponsor from France. Life immediately began to improve for the whole family. Farhan was able to return to school and the family could eat properly once again.

Farhan is now in grade 8 at school and is doing very well in his exams. He has also memorised eighteen chapters of the Holy Quran. Three of his brothers have also returned to school.

Baba, Farhan’s mother, has managed to save up and buy ten goats, which will provide milk, meat and an income for the family. Baba told Islamic Relief, “We are now very happy. Farhan has been our lucky child. May Allah bless our good sponsor and all who are helping us.”

Farhan is clearly a much happier child now. “I want to say thanks to all of you one million times!  I wish to study hard, pass my exams and help other orphans in the future.”

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