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Chocolate and make-up
(07 March 2011)
Kadia during a maths class
Islamic Relief offers business training to women in Mali. Over 440 Malians attended workshops and classes that provide female breadwinners with business and networking skills, as well as helping them to optimise the sale of Shea nut butter.

The butter is extracted from the Shea nut tree and is used in cosmetics and as an ingredient in chocolate.  

Women who take part in the project are able to increase their profits and make their business more successful, which gives them more income with which to support their families. In total, over 2,200 children are supported by mothers in the Shea nut butter project.

55-year-old Kadia supports her two children and four grandsons by selling Shea butter and mustard at a local market in Ouelessebougou.

“We don’t have enough money, but we survive on the little money we make,” Kadia explained.

“In the past, food prices were lower and businesses were hopeful, but today some families struggle to have three meals a day.”

Kadia explains the main issues facing her community, “We need to develop the education we provide, health services, employment opportunities and our agricultural output. But our main problems are illiteracy and the lack of financial resources.”

Islamic Relief provided support to our community through orphan sponsorship, supporting businesses and literacy classes. I currently attend language classes where I learn to read and write in Bamanankan, our local language.

Kadia explained that the Shea nut business training has given her knowledge and made her very happy.

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